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K.C. Millett
November 5th, 1927


Something About the Author

K.C. Millett was born on November 5th, 1927 in Boston Massachusetts. His father was a Boston Police officer and his mother stayed home. K.C. has two sisters, Jacqueline and June. Kenneth resides in Northridge, California with his beautiful wife Nancy.

He loves to re-visit his past by going through his many photo albums. Pictures of him from birth, to the present day; his time spent in Alaska while serving in the Navy during World War II. His graduation from Woodbury University in 1948 with a major in Journalism. His 36 years with AT&T and PacBell telephone companies and his many awards for sales excellence in Yellow Page advertising. He is now retired and writing full time. During his time with the telephone company K.C. Millett was cited three times for heroic action that resulted in the saving of lives. but in the process he sustained burn scars and physical impairments to this day. In 1960 K.C. was the recipient of the Theodore Vail Award for helping to save the lives of four children and two adults in a fiery gas explosion occuring in a Culver City, California apartment complex. This action held national significance for K.C.. Political and Religious leaders from all over the country were present for the presentation. It was covered by the main media and received special recognition from the families involved.

K.C. loves to talk about his lovely wife of 57 years and has every photo ever taken of his 2 beautiful children Michael and Laura. His grandchildren Gabriel, Marissa, Brooke, Carson, Dillon, and Paige pester their grandpa for ice cream mostly, followed by Toy Story anytime. Life is beautiful.



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