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K.C. Millett
November 5th, 1927

Lala Kachooza
Written: 12/24/1967

It was icy cold this Christmas Eve,
With Pole frost in the air,
The wind was blowing snowflake cones,
With winter everywhere.

Santa had filled his sleigh with toys,
His reindeer were ready for flight,
They pulled 'till it hurt - then tried again,
But the storm was too deep tonight.

They were awfully tired, and cold all through,
Yet had to be on their way,
Could someone, or something, break them out,
Without any further delay?

But the sled's hard runners were frozen stuck,
It was impossible to move in the freeze,
Unless Lala Kachooza's typhoon nose,
Could lift them off on a sneeze.

Now Lala Kachooza was a shy little girl,
A reindeer who sneezed a lot,
But Santa remembered when she cracked the north,
With a sneeze he never forgot.

So he cried to her from behind his sleigh,
"You must get us out with your sneeze!"
And Lala Kachooza, who loved him so,
Obeyed when he said, "Please".

She braced her legs in the deepening snow,
Sank her hoofs to the ground,
Then leaning forward, she lowered her head,
And made a brave, new sound...

La-La, La-La, she bellowed!
La-La, La-La, she heaved!
Then La-La-La-La Kachooooooooooza she erupted!
With a blast you'd never believe!

Reindeer and sleigh and Santa,
Threw shadows against the snow,
Splitting the cold with a crackle,
Waving thanks to Kachooza below!

So all the children for Christmas,
Had presents under their trees,
But what in the world would have happened,
Without Lala Kachooza's sneeze?


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