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K.C. Millett
November 5th, 1927

Down and Out Satire

Don't give the homeless food to eat,
Let them die away,
Clear the cluttered sidewalks
Of this terrible decay.

Who cares what happens to them,
They brought it on themselves,
They're filthy, floating flotsam
On cities' crowded shelves.

Their senseless lives don't matter,
Let's eliminate the blight,
Those derelicts who rummage
Through garbage cans at night.

They're down and out real losers,
All vagrant dirty scum,
Let's quarantine and hide them
'Till something can be done.

They huddle in our doorways,
Parents with their kids,
Dirty families in our parks,
Which decency forbids.

They're hungry, sick, and freezing,
A nuisance at huge cost,
We can't afford to keep them,
They're worthless and they're lost.

Let's kick them out, they're awful,
Just human street debris,
Bums who keep on begging
For food and stuff that's free.

Good riddance all you transients,
We're sick and tired of you,
Get a job or don't come back,
Your days with us are through.

Become the winners we are,
Ambitious with success,
Not lazy, no good failures,
A beaten tragic mess.

We're the ones who've made it,
We hate the down and out,
We're the rich and famous
Who strike with crushing clout.

We worship wealth and power,
Big cars and large homes too,
Our lives are truly models,
God loves us more than you.

And we'll inherit heaven
Because we did so well,
While you big losers suffer
In torment down in hell.


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